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Make full use of "exhibition" to achieve corporate goals

in modern marketing, the unique functions of the exhibition, such as overall publicity of corporate image, new product marketing, professional information collection, and enterprise public relations, have been increasingly recognized by enterprise management and operators. Therefore, China's exhibition industry has shown a trend of vigorous development in the interaction between exhibitors and sponsors. The coke price in other parts of the exhibition industry's related industrial chain is weak, and the operation is gradually formed and improved. The exhibition shows a general trend of professional segmentation and collection of high-quality products

participating in exhibitions, enhancing the popularity of enterprises, and promoting new products have become part of the important business strategy of this enterprise

how to make full use of the exhibition effectively, make the exhibition the best sales and marketing tool for modern enterprises, and realize the long-term business objectives of enterprises are the core issues that many enterprises pay attention to. In our exhibition practice, the author summarizes the following matters that exhibitors should pay attention to in order to improve the effect of enterprise Exhibition: during the exhibition, in addition to negotiating business with customers, we should adhere to standing exhibition. Because, sitting on the booth during the exhibition, you will leave buyers and professional visitors with the impression that you don't want to be disturbed. After buyers and professional audiences have this impression, they will feel that you do not pay enough attention to and enthusiasm for potential customers. Therefore, it will affect their choice of enterprise products and related services

1. During the exhibition period, exhibitors should not read idle books and newspapers in the limited booth space. We should take full advantage of the opportunity to attract the attention of the other party to the enterprise and products, attract buyers and professional audiences to stop, consult the enterprise and products, and answer relevant questions in full spirit to enhance their confidence. If you are reading newspapers or magazines, opportunities will be lost

2. During the exhibition, eating and drinking at will should be avoided. Because this vulgar, sloppy and irrelevant performance will make all potential customers have a very bad impression on the exhibitors, and then affect their evaluation of the exhibitors' corporate culture, management level, staff quality and product quality, resulting in mistrust of the enterprises and products

3. Paying attention to and discovering every potential customer (buyer and professional audience) is an important goal for exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. Every effort should be made to avoid snubbing potential customers, even for a few seconds. Obviously, no one likes to feel slighted. If you are busy at work, don't hesitate to say hello to the customer first or let him add a large amount of oil from the oil return pipe into your conversation. If you are talking with your exhibition partners or people in the booth next door, you should consciously stop immediately at this time

4. Pay attention to the way and time of playing during the exhibition. Inappropriate, every minute will correspondingly reduce the time to communicate with potential customers. It directly affects the business objectives of enterprises at the exhibition. In the exhibition, even if you can only find a good potential customer, it is also a success. If you don't fight properly, you may miss out on your customers

5. Pay attention to appropriate methods when sending materials at the exhibition. First of all, publicity materials are expensive, not to mention that enterprises are not willing to lose high-cost publicity materials in the crowd. How can we deliver valuable information to potential customers who really need it, with an average annual growth rate of 24%? Mailing is a better method. At the exhibition, you can tell potential customers that you don't want him to bring too many promotional materials, which will increase his travel burden. After the exhibition, you will send him the materials he requires. In this way, exhibitors can kill many birds with one stone: it shows the professionalism of exhibitors; At the same time, we can use the method of letter follow-up to deepen our impression; There are also good reasons to do or email series tracking

6. In the exhibition, buyers and professional visitors should not judge people by their appearance. The only thing that should pay attention to appearance at the exhibition is the staff of the exhibitors. Customers will try to dress casually according to their wishes, such as jeans, sweatshirts, slacks, whatever. Therefore, the dressing of customers has no direct impact on the effect of the exhibition

7. A warm, open and attractive atmosphere should be created on the booth, rather than an atmosphere of chatting with two or more damp or long-term groups that are difficult to compare with multiple exhibition partners or other non potential customers, so that every buyer and professional audience approaching the booth feel at a loss

8. We should enthusiastically publicize our own enterprises and products, and achieve the coexistence of appeal and enthusiasm. In the eyes of buyers and professional audiences, you represent your enterprise. Your behavior and expression will have a great impact on visitors' understanding of your enterprise

9. Try to remember the names of potential customers and make good use of them. People like others to call their names. Mentioning it from time to time in the conversation will make him feel very important. Be bold, look directly at the nameplate in front of the visitors and read their names. Encounter difficult words, you can also ask, in order to deepen mutual understanding and understanding. If you use it properly, you may easily establish a good relationship with potential customers

10. Before attending the exhibition, try to know more about the competitors in the industry. Collect information about competitors as much as possible, and each exhibitor should assign tasks to find out the situation of one or two competitors. Learn about the new products launched by competitors by visiting their booths. Try to collect all the information that will help your career, such as the other party's pricing, product comparison, payment terms, delivery methods, etc. Studying competitors is the uniqueness of the exhibition, not only because professional customers will come to you and provide relevant information, but also because your competitors are exhibiting in the same space, and a lot of information is in front of you. This is a great opportunity for on-site research and information collection. If exhibitors can spend time walking around every corner of the exhibition and behave like the owner of the exhibition, they will gain a lot. Carry a camera and notepad and collect as much information as possible. Investigate competitors, find their own products, salespersons, exhibits, promotional materials, customer evaluation, pre exhibition marketing strategies and the gap in implementation effect. After collecting these data, we can evaluate the gap and reasons with our peers through the following questions

· is the gap between exhibitors and their peers positive or negative

· how big is the current gap

· why and when did this gap occur

· in the eyes of customers, how does this gap affect the growth of your enterprise

· how to deal with this gap and competitors

· if the exhibitors have a big advantage, is it easy for the competitors to catch up

· how will this advantage be maintained and for how long

· besides competitors, what other factors will affect your competitive advantage

during the exhibition, the media may come to your booth. Therefore, special personnel must be arranged as the contact between the enterprise and the media to ensure that the publicity caliber of the enterprise is consistent. If every staff member participating in the exhibition can talk with the industry, there will be a lot of trouble. Because no matter how well the staff are trained, it is not easy to maintain a unified caliber

as the organizer of the exhibition, the relevant suggestions provided by the author are to explore and improve the exhibition effect of exhibitors, which is just a little experience of the author. The purpose is to attract jade, arouse industry thinking, and improve the quality of the exhibition

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