Major progress of the hottest aluminum fuel cell

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Significant progress in aluminum fuel cell

the world's first fuel cell was invented by William grove in 1939. It has a history of 78 years. After these years of development, it has developed from a single aluminum fuel cell to a power supply with various practical values (the power supply system will be favored by more and more businesses), such as the stacked power station and vehicle mounted mobile power station of Deyang Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The anode of the battery is the aluminum plate with oxidation reaction, which is the electrode with electrons flowing out, and the cathode refers to the electrode with reduction reaction, which is the electrode with electrons flowing in

development of aluminum fuel cells in China

the large-scale research and development of aluminum fuel cells in the world began in the United States in the 1960s. In the 1970s, they focused on the research of batteries for power supply such as navigation beacon lights and mine lights; In the 1980s, aluminum power of Canada introduced the battery system made of aluminum alloy anode and effective air (oxygen) electrode to the market of portable power supply and standby power supply, which made a great contribution to the commercial application of aluminum fuel cells; In June 2014, foreign media reported that the power aluminum fuel device jointly developed by Alcoa and Israel's phenergy had a road test run on the vehicle, with a world record of 1600km. It is a milestone in the history of fuel cell development, and has made great contributions to the development of power aluminum fuel cells, making phenergy a leader in the world's aluminum fuel cells. The anode of this aluminum fuel cell system is composed of 50 aluminum plates, each of which has a mass of 500g and a total mass of 25kg. Each aluminum plate can provide power for electric vehicles to travel 32km. In February 2014, Alcoa and Fresnel king signed a cooperation agreement on the further development of aluminum fuel cells, and conducted a test drive of aluminum fuel cell electric vehicles at the formula one track in Montreal, Canada, in early June. It is planned to realize the mass production of aluminum fuel cells for electric vehicles in 2017 and introduce them to the world market

China's research and development of aluminum fuel cells began in the 1990s and has now become the world's largest R & D and production country of aluminum fuel cells, but there are still some gaps in research and development technology compared with the United States and Israel. The units engaged in relevant technology research in China mainly include Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of physical chemistry, 712 Institute of shipbuilding industry, Peking University, Harbin Institute of technology, Wuhan University, Tianjin University, Beijing General Institute of nonferrous metals research, Sichuan Deyang Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou very new energy technology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Metallurgical Group innovative metal fuel cell Co., Ltd., etc. As of 2016, there were about 150 large and small enterprises producing new energy power batteries in China

Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

the company was founded in October 2011, located in the high tech Industrial Zone of Jingyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. It is a national high-tech enterprise, with independent knowledge and a number of invention patents from the European Union and the United States. At present, it is the only enterprise in China to record the standard of aluminum air metal fuel cell. It has jointly formulated the UL international standard of aluminum fuel cell with UL headquarters in the United States and Hong Kong Productivity Promotion Council (HKPC), One of the first enterprises to realize the industrialization of aluminum fuel cells in China, which has made significant progress in the research and development and marketization of aluminum fuel cells in China

since its establishment in 2011, Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has made phased achievements: in 2012, it obtained the patent transfer of "structure and preparation method of fuel cell"; In 2013, a 50KW aluminum fuel generator prototype was made; Substantial breakthroughs were made in core materials and key technologies in 2014; The annual amount of imported waste paper was reduced by 34%. In five years, the key technology project of high-power aluminum fuel cell system of new energy vehicle power cell system was included in the support plan of the Provincial Department of science and technology. The aluminum fuel cell uninterruptible power supply system (UPS) was recognized by the Provincial Economic Commission and the Provincial Department of finance as the first product (set) of major technical equipment in Sichuan Province; In 2016, "high power aluminum fuel cell system" was authorized by the European Union PCT (patent cooperation agreement) and came into force in Britain, France, Germany and Italy; In 2016, the company signed a contract with China Tower Group for the uninterruptible power supply system of 1000 base stations, realizing the commercial production of aluminum fuel cells

at present, Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. produces aluminum fuel cell systems in two categories: capacity type (stk-x), which is mainly suitable for uninterruptible power supply with large capacity and small specific power, and is applied to communication base stations, mobile charging piles, intelligent micro electricity, etc; Power type (fmg-x), which has large power and small capacity, is mainly used as traction power for vehicles, aerospace vehicles, ships, etc

on February 24, 2017, when inspecting Deyang Dongshen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Chen quanxun, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, wenwenjun, vice president, and other delegation said excitedly, "you have done a very meaningful thing. The theoretical discussion of aluminum fuel cells has come to industrialization. This is a breakthrough in the new energy revolution. You are pioneers." Chen quanxun has high hopes for the company. He said to the company's R & D team, "aluminum fuel cell is a good project, but there will be a lot of things to be done to form commercialization and marketization. You are pioneers. China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association will support your product development and promotion application, make full use of the advantages of our association, and provide help for you. In the future, we will continue to track, and hope that your career will develop successfully."

very new energy technology Co., Ltd. (super)

the company is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It has made remarkable achievements in the field of aluminum fuel cell research and development. It has developed various large, medium and small power supplies and put them into the market. It has cooperated with Peking University and Taizhou Municipal government to establish the "Taizhou very metal fuel cell research center", which is committed to improving the aluminum fuel cell system and realizing industrialization Develop hybrid systems and apply them in the field of electric vehicles and new metal fuel cell systems

A number of aluminum fuel cells produced by the company participated in the 2016 Las Vegas exhibition. It has a series of core technologies: preparation of aluminum alloy electrode, inhibition and passivation of anode self-corrosion, and improvement of discharge activity; Preparation of oxygen reduction catalytic materials and continuous production of air diffusion electrode; The preparation and treatment system of electrolyte containing active additives can inhibit anodic corrosion, reduce polarization and improve battery efficiency; Electrolyte circulation system, air circulation guarantee system and battery thermal management system; The battery system is mechanically recharged, and the alloy anode is mechanically renewed after discharge; The discharge products and electrolyte are regenerated in a centralized manner to prepare high-purity nano alumina, so as to improve the value of products and recycle all materials

the air electrode prepared with a new catalyst formula has low cost and high performance. Its discharge density per unit area has reached the level of similar foreign products, filling the domestic gap of this kind of products. In 2013, the first domestic continuous air electrode production line was built

the company has obtained more than 10 invention patents, has domestic and international patent authorization, and has formed a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights. Using electrochemical methods to make power generation products into high value-added nano alumina, or it will be a new revolutionary technology for the production of nano alumina, which has been applied in the military industry and won the third prize of the military scientific and technological progress

Yunnan Metallurgical Group Chuang Neng metal fuel cell Co., Ltd.

Chuang Neng independently researched and developed key materials and preparation technologies for aluminum fuel cells, filling the gap in this field in Yunnan Province: the air is extremely low cost, and the service life is up to 7000h, reaching the international leading level; The self-produced special aluminum alloy anode plate not only has low production cost, but also its performance can be comparable to the high-purity aluminum plate of okonek aluminum company; The performance of electrolyte has reached the world's leading level, realizing the comprehensive recovery of waste electrolyte to prepare high value-added ultra-fine aluminum oxide powder, flame retardant and other products; The products have obtained 4 authorized patents and 5 enterprise standards; The established accurate stress-strain curve can reproduce the experimental process and become a 20MW aluminum fuel cell assembly line. The leading products are portable power supply, large and medium-sized standby power supply, power supply, auxiliary materials, etc. guarantee committee: ensure professional technical operation training door-to-door service, and the production capacity of power products can reach 200000 sets/year

development trend of aluminum fuel cell

at present, power supply R & D units and production enterprises all over the world put their efforts into fuel cells, and the development of aluminum fuel cells is the top priority, because aluminum fuel cells have many comparable advantages: aluminum is rich in resources and reasonable in price. The manufacturing cost of aluminum fuel cells is about 500 yuan/kwh, which is 1/8 of the production cost of lithium-ion batteries of 4000 yuan/kwh; For cars, the operating cost is equivalent to or lower than that of fuel vehicles. Aluminum fuel cell vehicles consume about 3kg of aluminum, 5L of water and electrolyte for a hundred kilometers, and the operating cost is about 59 yuan. Generally, the fuel consumption of passenger cars is about 8l/100km, which is about 61 yuan calculated at 7.63 yuan/l; The endurance capacity is higher than that of lithium-ion battery. The specific energy of aluminum fuel cell can reach 350wh/kg-500wh/kg, which is three times that of lithium-ion battery 120wh-150wh/kg. Therefore, at the same quality, the power carried by aluminum fuel cell is three times that of lithium-ion battery, and the endurance mileage is three times that of lithium-ion battery; It is easy to replace. The aluminum fuel cell consumes aluminum and water. During operation, it only needs to replace the aluminum plate and add an appropriate amount of water, which is simple to operate; Green, the main by-product during the operation of aluminum fuel cell is al (OH) 3, which is not only harmless to the environment, but also recyclable, and made into nano-sized Al2O3 powder; It is absolutely safe and will not cause combustion and explosion

foreign profile

okonenko aluminum company and Israel Fresnel gold company are world leaders in the development of aluminum fuel cells, and they are leaders in technology and manufacturing engineering in this field. Toyota Research Institute in Japan will cooperate with Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Michigan, buffalo University in New York, University of Connecticut and ilika Institute in the UK to develop new energy battery materials based on artificial intelligence (AI)

the Ministry of industry and information technology of China formulated a plan for the development of the automotive power battery industry

in April 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments jointly issued the action plan for promoting the development of the automotive power battery industry (hereinafter referred to as the action plan). The action plan proposes to promote the development of power batteries in China in three stages: in 2018, improve the cost performance of existing products and ensure the supply of high-quality batteries; In 2020, a new generation of lithium-ion power batteries based on the improvement of existing technology will realize large-scale application; In 2025, the new system battery adopting new chemical principles will strive to realize technological transformation and development and testing

the action plan puts forward five development goals: significantly improve product performance, strive to double the current level of specific energy of power battery system to 260wh/kg in 2020, reduce the cost to less than 1 yuan/wh, and reach 500wh/kg in 2025; Second, the product safety meets the needs of large-scale use, and realizes the safe production and use of the whole life cycle; Third, the industrial scale should be developed in a reasonable and orderly manner. In 2020, the total production capacity of the industry will be 100 billion wh, and a leading enterprise with a production and sales scale of more than 40 billion wh will be formed; Fourth, major breakthroughs have been made in key materials and parts, and a core

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