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The great changes of Yunnan Dali carton factory in the 40 years of reform and opening up

reform and opening up let enterprises plug in the wings of take-off, and enrich the city with industry to make enterprises rich. No one expected that 40 years ago, a very humble small enterprise and a small carton factory would now develop into a growing small and medium-sized enterprise in Yunnan Province, the first batch of four-star corrugated carton advanced enterprises in Yunnan Province, and the leading backbone enterprise of carton production in Dali Prefecture. The factory director Cai Yi was rated as the first national packaging entrepreneur in Baizhou, all of which came from the party's good policy of reform and opening up

40 years ago, Xiaguan Paperboard Factory, the predecessor of Dali carton factory, was extremely short of talents, small workshops and simple equipment. The production of paperboard could only be dried by soil, and the printing and typesetting of cartons could only be manually carved, which was labor-consuming and time-consuming. The technical content was low, the product quality was unstable, the production efficiency was low, and the enterprise was small and weak. There was no competition. The system was composed of three layers of different hydrogels

in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, governments at all levels of provinces, prefectures and cities have issued many good policies to support the development of urban industrial economy, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in capital credit, technological transformation, tax incentives, land use and other aspects. The amount of such resistance is called viscosity development. Dali carton factory makes full use of the good policies given by all levels to carry out technological innovation and technological transformation every year, so that the enterprise has snowballed development, and the enterprise has grown from small to large, embarking on the track of benign development

the 40 years of reform and opening up are the 40 years when small factories have changed from small to large. It is not too much to describe the change and development of carton factories with one year and 40 years of major changes

one of the changes: the small factory in the past is now a large factory. A modern factory covering an area of 23 Mu stands in the industrial park. The spacious production workshop and good office environment make the enterprise look new

variation 2: the carton production equipment has been replaced for five generations. The former indigenous production equipment has been replaced by the most advanced carton supporting production line in China at present, realizing advanced technologies such as computer-controlled automatic compounding, automatic slotting printing, automatic carton gluing, computer plate making, laser engraving, etc., and the production efficiency and production scale have been increased by more than ten times

variation 3: the market competitiveness is continuously enhanced, and the radiation of cartons covers all counties in the state and Western Yunnan, realizing the supporting development with advantageous industries such as cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, tea making and agricultural and sideline products

change 4: bid farewell to the history of weakness, small, loss, poverty and small-scale fighting. Enterprises are getting richer and stronger in the industry rich city, fixed assets are increasing year by year, and their self accumulation and self-development ability are enhanced

variation 5: today's carton factory is not what it used to be. There are many talents. The staff with professional technical skills account for more than one third of the total number of enterprises. The production has increased steadily, and the tax contribution to the country has increased. In order to meet the needs of development, the name of the factory has been changed to Dali brilliant packaging Co., Ltd

the flowers of reform and opening up have made the small carton factory bear fruitful fruits. It is really a big change for the small carton factory now. The old factory director said passionately that the party's reform and opening-up policy was very good! We want to reform without stopping and seek development in the process of technological progress. We have launched the "Green Plan" with 32 logistics partners around the world to benefit from enterprise management and make due contributions to the economic development of Baizhou

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