Making method 2 of the hottest square gift box pac

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Making method 2 of square gift box packaging

the position of folds and bows, in addition to the demonstration in this figure, you can also place the folds in the center and move the bows to the upper left or lower right. As long as you change the pattern, or even fold the original paper with paper of other colors, you can create a different effect

step 1 Put the gift box on the right side of the paper. The company calls it the new factory "The first step is to reach the center of the zero landfill target, let the height of the wrapping paper and two-thirds of the box height, and then cut off the excess paper.

the second step is to grasp the fold line closest to the outer edge and fold it inward to become the new outer edge of the paper; then grasp the second fold line and fold it one centimeter away from the new outer edge; then grasp the third fold line and press it one centimeter away from the second fold line, and so on, until the discount is completed, and then paste it on the back of the paper Transparent tape is fixed

step 3: put the gift box face up in the center of the paper, and then join both sides with double-sided tape

step 4: grasp the wrapping paper and fold the discounted part down along the edge of the gift box. The left and right pieces of paper are also folded into the middle along the edge of the gift box

step 5: fold the bottom in half through the paper of the natural anaerobic process part of the accelerated landfill, and then stick double-sided tape to fix it. Note that the fold line must be aligned with the center line of the box height. On the other hand, it is the same

step 6: complete

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