Process operation of the hottest salt bath furnace

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Process operation of salt bath furnace

(1) operators shall wear protective articles

(2) check whether the power supply, temperature instrument, safety protection 6. Effective stretch space stroke: About 800mm equipment (such as ventilation and fire fighting) and auxiliary heat treatment equipment (such as crane and press) are in good condition (including checking the electrical safety grounding), and eliminate faults according to the division of labor system

2. Oven drying! The salt bath furnace with newly built furnace lining shall comply with the oven drying procedures, and the temperature shall be generally raised at a rate of less than 50 ℃/h. Heat preservation and drying from low temperature to high temperature in stages

3. Salt bath furnace start-up

(1) add the prepared salt, and the low-temperature nitrate (working below 450 ℃) and high-temperature nitrate formulations shall not be mixed (refer to the salt preparation and deoxidation process technology for bath furnace)

(2) turn on the electric furnace power supply, insert the thermocouple after the salt melts, turn on the regulating instrument power supply, and adjust the control point (temperature) to the temperature required by the process (correct according to the temperature measurement results). Turn on the power supply of the fan and let the electric furnace continuously heat up to the working temperature

(3) regularly measure the actual temperature and furnace temperature distribution in the furnace (refer to "resistance furnace temperature management method")

(4) the maximum temperature of the nitrate bath shall not exceed 560 ℃

(5) the maximum temperature of the salt bath shall be 20-30 ℃ lower than the flash point of the oil

4. The salt bath furnace works

and its weight is extremely light (1) the liquid level should be kept at an appropriate height to prevent overflow after the workpiece is loaded

(2) charging and discharging shall be slow to prevent splashing, and modern instruments have largely eliminated many problems that would be committed in manual experiments

(3) the workpiece and fixture loaded into the bath furnace must be dried in advance to prevent molten salt or oil splashing

(4) charcoal, oil and other organic substances are strictly prohibited to be brought into the nitrate salt bath to prevent violent combustion and explosion. The "made in China" has always been a synonym for low cost and high efficiency

(5) keep the furnace surface and working place clean and the road unblocked. The furnace surface can be scrubbed with wet cloth, but shall not be washed with water

(6) regularly remove the sediment at the bottom of the crucible and the dirt on the liquid surface

5. Salt bath furnace shutdown

(1) cut off the power supply and take out the thermocouple (salt bath and short-term shutdown salt bath may not be taken out)

(2) lift out the crucible regularly, check whether there is leakage, check whether the nitrate residue on the furnace surface flows to the heating element along the outer wall of the crucible, and take measures to eliminate problems in time

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