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Process operation procedures and precautions for box type resistance furnace

process operation procedures for box type resistance furnace:

1 Check the "shift handover record" before work

2. Operators shall wear the specified protective equipment and be familiar with the "safe operation procedures"

3. Check the lubrication of the axle and slide rail of the furnace door opening mechanism

4. Check the installation and fastening of furnace lining, resistance wire and thermocouple lead out rod, and check whether the instrument is normal

5. Check that the resistance wire at the bottom of the furnace, the bottom plate of the furnace, the transmission mechanism at the movable bottom of the furnace and the outgoing line of the motor are in good condition

6. Check the cleanness of the furnace and clean the iron oxide scale

7. The newly repaired furnace shall be dried according to the "process specification"

8. Cut off the power supply and dry the furnace according to the "process specification"

9. Close the furnace door

10. Heat preservation shall be carried out according to "process regulations"

11. Power on heating

12. Cut off the power supply after operation

13. Discharge according to "process specification"

14. Reload the furnace and repeat the above procedure

15. In case of continuous operation, it is necessary to fill in the "shift handover record" carefully in a normal way. At the same time, the brand can hand over clearly from the insqin cooperative manufacturer plan to the successor

16. Maintain the equipment according to the "equipment maintenance procedures"

precautions for operation of box type resistance furnace:

1) when the electric furnace is used for the first time or again after long-term shutdown, it must be dried. First, raise the resistance furnace from room temperature to 200. After 4 hours of constant temperature, open the furnace door to remove wet steam. Then make sure that the tension machine operates normally, and then increase it from 200 to 600. After 4 hours of constant temperature, it is OK

2) the maximum operating temperature of furnace shall not exceed 950 ℃. Avoid damaging the heating elements. It is forbidden to directly pour various liquids into the furnace and melt metals. Iron filings and oxides in the furnace shall be removed frequently to ensure the cleanness of the furnace

3) observe the actual temperature of furnace frequently during operation to avoid accidents caused by instrument failure

4) thermocouple shall be protected during furnace inlet and outlet. (end)

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