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The process extension and characteristic analysis of UV ink printing

the rapid drying characteristics of UV ink have brought many landmark changes in the printing industry. Due to the mature application of UV technology, multi process combined printing and stereoscopic printing technologies and market prospects have grown rapidly in various printing fields, such as offset printing, gravure printing, embossing printing and silk screen printing, It makes it possible to use a group of machines and equipment to use a variety of printing methods on the same printed matter to provide fuel efficiency printing technology. The goal of maximizing the visual effect of printed matter and minimizing the production cost will be easier to achieve

The market price of UV ink is higher than that of ordinary ink, and its printing cost is also higher than that of ordinary ink printing. Therefore, non professionals should not operate in the early stage of design and production. It should be a new process and should be replaced if relevant budgets are made. Secondly, when formulating the subsequent process processing strategy, the impact of the particularity of UV ink on the implementation of other process technologies should be fully considered

the term "over UV" and "UV" commonly used in the market mainly refers to the use of colorless transparent UV ink and silk screen printing. In fact, there are many kinds of UV inks with different colors. This is an ink with high environmental performance. Because the ink does not contain volatile components, such as solvents or water, it makes it easy to keep the printed matter for a long time without discoloration. The UV ink after drying has the characteristics of high surface abrasion resistance, color stability, high quality, fresh color and clear image

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