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Aquatic products processing and preservation technology

to determine which stage the fish meat is in, such as stiffening and thawing, so as to study the structure and composition of fish and shellfish meat, and the physical impact of storage and preservation methods on fish and shellfish. In the process of cold storage, the head, chest and tail of shrimp produce black spots. This is because the body fluid of crustaceans contains phenolic enzymes, which can oxidize quinine to melanin. Even at low temperature, the reaction can proceed slowly. The method to prevent it can be treated with reducing agents such as ascorbic acid or acid sulfite. Fresh squid, cuttlefish and other molluscs have uniform color distribution on the body surface. With the increase of storage period and the decrease of freshness, the body surface gradually turns white. The reason is that the pigment cells are loose and the body surface is uniformly distributed with dark brown spots. During the preservation process, the freshness decreases and the pigment cells shrink. At this time, the body surface turns white. As the freshness continues to decline, when the pH value reaches above 6.5, the eye pigment cells in the pigment cells dissolve and diffuse, so that there is no big breakthrough spot in the meat, causing the body surface to turn white. Therefore, the freshness of molluscs can be judged according to the change of its color. It is gratifying that the preservation technology of shrimp, squid, squid and other molluscs has been overcome. Jiangsu preservation technology research center of China Agricultural Technology Association and Jiangsu Nantong YOUPU Preservation Technology Co., Ltd. have successfully developed "xianxianling" No. 1 and No. 2 preservatives and dynamic stiffness testing machine to solve the above problems. The operating environment and scope of the "squid fresh crystal" preservative. "Xianxianling" No. 1 and No. 2 use high-quality antioxidants as the main raw materials, which can effectively inhibit the activity of enzymes, prevent protein denaturation, and prevent the color change caused by protein decomposition, so as to achieve the purpose of color protection and fresh preservation Accelerating industrial restructuring and integration is applicable to prawns, crabs, etc. Fresh squid crystal can combine with non-polar groups in aquatic products to adjust the quality of aquatic products and make them deviate from the isoelectric point (the water holding capacity of aquatic products at the isoelectric point is the lowest), so as to have the effect of water holding and fresh-keeping; It can also promote the decomposition of colored substances in aquatic products into colorless substances and play the role of decolorization and whitening. At the same time, this product can also play the role of disinfection, sterilization and reducing microbial indicators during the "1035" period. It is suitable for skinned squid, cuttlefish and octopus. It is reported that the products processed with the above preservatives comply with the provisions of FDA and EEC

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