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Will you be happy when you get the house? Not yet. Unless you buy a hardbound house, you cannot avoid facing decoration problems. Decoration is an existence with endless roast power. Cai had a deep understanding of this. From the beginning, he was obsessed with the choice of decoration method to the decoration budget “ Intrigue ”, I don't know how many brain cells died. Fortunately, the decoration started smoothly. However, it seems that once it appears, it's always bad. Yes, hydropower transformation has encountered troubles again

house information: 100 ㎡

decoration style: Pastoral mix

decoration method: half package

community: Zhonghai Ziyu Guandi

May 11, 2015 swing a sledgehammer to demolish the house

start demolishing the house today! The house immediately lit up a lot, haha

after dismantling, I found that the bay window still needs to be made a windowsill. It turned out that I wanted to make a bedspread directly. Here is tatami. But today Sophia came to design all kinds of cabinets and made some changes to the study. It's really much better. Move the original wardrobe to the door, move the bookcase at the door to the original corner, and make a bookcase facing the door. It's much better as soon as you enter the room

on May 12, 2015, the demolition and reconstruction was completed, and the location of hydropower was determined.

today, the demolition and reconstruction was completed, and the hydropower budget was made in advance. Very expensive, 9500, slag removal fee and transportation fee, 2000 decoration fee is close to 45000. After inspection, the material belongs to the German standard pipe, and the pipe body is marked with the German standard. After checking the materials, I confirmed all the socket switches, about more than 30. I forgot to confirm the final quantity. The kitchen is determined by the water and electricity diagram of the European cabinet, which is the easiest to determine. Sofia determined the socket location in the study, and other sockets were confirmed according to my furniture size. The most annoying thing is the bathroom. The last light in the switch position is at the door, and other ventilation and wind heating are put inside

due to the demolition and reconstruction of the toilet, the toilet needs to be moved 300mm after the direction change, so the overall floor needs to be raised by 200mm. After consultation, the influence of cement on geothermal heat transfer is not too great, so we don't plan to add radiators. The foreman said that it would not be raised so much in the end. If it was about 120mm, it would not affect the use

seal the balcony today and come over to measure the ruler. The quotation is 3600. Find another quotation tomorrow and finally confirm whether the price is appropriate

on May 13, 2015, the slotting of wires was very smooth.

this noon, the slotting of wires has been completed and the pipeline has been started

the electrician is really good. I haven't seen him rest since I arrived there at noon. Moreover, the pipeline runs horizontally and vertically, and there are no pipelines that directly cross the ground or cross the wall. After a careful look at the electrician's handling of the thread, the work is very good. It is expected that the electricity wiring should be completed tomorrow afternoon. After the insulation layer measured in the balcony was thoroughly cleaned today, I found that the balcony was really big

I found three balcony sealing companies today, one of which can make YKK, but it's so expensive 5200. Broken bridge aluminum is 350 square meters, and my family is more than 6 square meters, which is about 3000. I'm struggling to choose which one

tangled toilet floor. The master of the water pipe chiseled down the geothermal pipe in the morning. He didn't touch the geothermal very carefully. It can go down about 10 meters. In this way, the ground only needs to be raised by about 10cm, which is much better than expected

very satisfactory results on May 15, 2015

today, it is relatively long on the site, mainly through hydropower

yesterday, the electrician made a mistake about the color of the pipe. In fact, it didn't delay the use. Today, all the pipes were removed and replaced with red, blue and weak current. It's really not careless

after the water pipe finished running today, the main valve was changed to the kitchen. I don't know what the developer thinks. The main water valve is set in the bedroom. After the floor of the toilet was smashed down by the on-site workers, the floor only needed to be raised by 6.7 cm, and the result was quite satisfactory. Because the sitting stool needs to be shifted, I originally thought it needed to be raised by 20 cm, which made me very angry. I just changed the direction of the sitting stool, which needs to be moved by 30 cm, and the ground needs to be raised so much. There is also the position of the hot and cold valve of the water heater. This is the most worrying thing at present. I'm afraid that the hot and cold valve below will remain outside after the water heater is placed in the reserved position, which is very ugly. 700 cm is left, because the water above is very hindered, and the water heater must not be placed on the top, so it has to come down

the decoration company will come to check and accept water and electricity tomorrow. After many considerations, we decided to make a broken bridge aluminum. The quality of YKK is the best. It seems that the sealing of the hinge is better, and the other quality is not necessarily better than the broken bridge aluminum. The guardrail on the balcony finally persuaded the daughter-in-law to remove it. It was so ugly that she didn't let it be removed and said to wear cool clothes. I thought of a way to reserve two nails in the middle of the window frame so that I could hang the rope





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