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With the release of HA 7, this 10-year-old magic epic will finally come to an end. Many fans (Muggles) are even more nostalgic for it. The train leading to Hogwarts takes away the magical memory of young people in an era. Today, Xiaobian has collected 10 space layouts and interior designs with magical colors, so that the grey Muggles can continue their magic dreams at home

ha 7 Movie Poster Muggles' magical dreams

when I was a child, sorrow of separation was an Avada curse, Harry on this end, James and lily on the other end; When I grow up, sorrow of separation is a black curtain, Harry is outside, Sirius is inside; Later, sorrow of separation was a white tomb, with Harry outside and Dumbledore inside; Now the sorrow of separation is a pot of silver memory, Harry is outside, Severus is inside





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