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In the eyes of some friends, I probably feel that the home decoration style suitable for small houses is relatively limited, so most of the time, the purest modern simplicity is the primary consideration. In fact, with the rapid development of modernization and the ever-changing decoration style, Nordic style has gradually entered thousands of households, especially young people. Recently, Ms. Yang of meihuawu of Optics Valley real estate left a message through the decoration bidding, saying that she wanted us to recommend a northern European decoration effect drawing of a 76 square meter small house for her. For this reason, Xiaobian specially searched many good-looking real pictures of the model room, and selected the following one. Hurry to follow Xiaobian's lens to have a look

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[the 76 square meter house type diagram of plum blossom dock of Optics Valley real estate is shown below]

[the 76 Ping American style decoration effect diagram of plum blossom dock of Optics Valley real estate]

Nordic living room:

first of all, from the living room, you can feel this Nordic room completed with modern furniture and fewer style elements, The minimalist design method gives the whole family a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, exuding the pleasant charm of Danish fairy tales




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