Chen Yibing meets black heart decoration company

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On the morning of March 11, Chen Yibing, the captain of the Chinese men's gymnastics team, sent several microblogs on his personal microblog, revealing that he had encountered a malicious decoration company in the process of decorating his new house, and defended his rights on the occasion of the arrival of the 315 consumer rights day

Chen Yibing described the whole story of the incident in detail on his microblog. At the end of 2009, Chen Yibing borrowed money from Beijing to buy a rough house that needed decoration, but because he was busy training, he found a house called “ Boloni ” Decoration company. The company belongs to one-stop decoration, that is, the customer chooses the main materials, and then both parties sign a contract. Finally, the decoration company helps all the decoration

Chen Yibing said that he signed a contract with Boloni decoration company on December 19, 2009, but then he was cheated three times& ldquo; I want to let my parents come to my new house to have a look at it during the new year, so when signing the contract, I asked them to promise me to finish it before the new year (it should be the new year on February 14)! As a result, they didn't finish the project on time, and there are all kinds of excuses& rdquo; Chen Yibing wrote

the actual completion contract signed by both parties was on March 20, 2010, but it was not completed on time, and the construction period was delayed again and again. Chen Yibing had intended to let his friends come to the new house on May 1, but it was not over on May 1 (the second deception). Later, in order to ensure the determination of completion, the construction personnel signed a commitment contract with Chen Yibing's mother on May 26, promising to complete the project before June 3. If it is not completed, 1000 yuan will be compensated per day

however, the final completion of the new house was on June 29 (the third fraud), which was delayed by 26 days, but the decoration company did not perform the contract and did not pay compensation

“ I was going to court to sue them, but my mother was afraid of having a bad impact on me and had been negotiating with their company to solve it, but their company's attitude was very tough. I said I wanted to expose this matter! The manager of their company said ‘ Who is afraid of who;, Their company will ask the writer to help, saying that it stinks me. My mother was afraid, so she kept stopping me. I really couldn't stand it because it was almost 315, so please help me. Do you think I should sue them& rdquo; Chen Yibing expressed his indignation on Weibo, “ Mom cried for this many times! I really love it! I've been calling the 315 hotline, but I'm busy. Who will pay attention to this matter? Who will help me!!! I'm so angry& rdquo;

Chen Yibing said that safeguarding rights is everyone's right, but how to safeguard rights is very important for a public figure, which may also be the helplessness of public figures& ldquo; The name of their company is Kebao decoration company under Boloni decoration company. Their company also says ‘ Better exposure ’ It also increases popularity! See who can afford it!!! I'm going to race now& rdquo; In Weibo, Chen Yibing expressed his gratitude to his fans, “ I will devote myself to the competition and training, win more gold medals for my country and earn more honors& rdquo;

“ Just after microblogging, people from their company (that is, the housekeeper of our family) called me and asked me what I wanted and how to solve it. It's best to sit down and solve it in private! He said that if it gets big, he still doesn't know who is the egg and who is the stone. He also said that his company has been without lawyers for so many years! I regret not recording the phone! Come on, it will affect my mood of training and competition at most! I want to protect my rights& rdquo; Whether celebrities or grassroots, as long as consumers, their legitimate rights and interests should be protected by law




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