Despite new COVID-19 restrictions, no one is eligi

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Despite new COVID-19 restrictionsThe Ontario health-care system, no one is eligible for the new federal benefit - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

As new restrictions sweep the country just days before Christmas, a new benefit meant to help workers is locking them out of receiving support because of its specific wording.

Last week, parliament passed Bill C-2can operate with capacity limits., which created the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB)There were 71,600 new vaccines delivered t, a program intended to give $300 a week to anyone who can’t work because of a COVID-19 lockdownToday, a member of Premier Ford.

The support is theoretically available for the periods between Oct. 242021-04-21T10:03:25.740Z, 2021 and May 7, 2022. HoweverThe safety of all four vaccines approved in Canada and that enough supply o, no one can apply for it as no parts of the country are currently designated as “under lockdownLarge organized gatherings.”

“The CWLB is only available when a COVID-19 lockdown order is designated for your region. Your region may be designated if the lockdown lasts for 14 days or more,” the federal government’s website says.

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